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J-JATI Soft Pretzel Maker

J-JATI Soft Pretzel Maker

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J-JATI PRETZEL PRESS MAKER IS A VERY SIMPLE way to make your favorite homemade a pretzel. With just a press and dial away from making that soft pretzel. The J-Jati soft pretzel maker makes 2 gorgeous, Soft, Fluffy Pretzels in no time!!! just five minutes and the Pretzels are hot and ready to be devoured and making you want MORE!!!!!


  • white plastic coated covering with a strong outer shell. None stick easy to clean dishwasher safe surfs
  • make 2 large pretzels at a time, 5-8 minutes cooking time (depends on how soft preferred)
  • 8x12 Size Cooking surfaces for high capacity room of your favorite recipe
  • Make soft Fluffy Mouthwatering Pretzels for the kids and family with the J-Jati Soft pretzel maker. Easy to use and easy to clean!!!
  • Always have to worry about what the kids are going to have for snack time? The worry ends here with the J-Jati Soft Pretzel Maker!!! so easy to use and clean that the kids can have fun and enjoy their pretzel at the same time!!!
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