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J-Jati Bacon Cooker 4/CASE

J-Jati Bacon Cooker 4/CASE

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Online Wholesale Orders are by the case only. Please contact 888-961-8041 to inquire about ordering by the piece.

4/CASE $16.99 per piece $67.99 per case. 

The J-Jati Bacon Cooker delivers perfect crispy bacon every time. The J-Jati Bacon cooker has been specifically designed to slow cook your bacon to a perfect crisp. What is so unique about The J-Jati Bacon Cooker is that bacon is laid vertically on a nonstick surface. This causes the bacon grease to drain off to the bottom, leaving your bacon crispy, crunchy and downright delicious. Long gone are the days of greasy breakfasts. This stainless steel, bacon-dedicated machine cooks up to 6 pieces of traditional or thick-cut bacon at a time. The J-Jati Bacon Cooker's top seals in heat and prevents splatter, and the bottom tray catches all the greasy drippings. The bottom tray and top can be removed for easy cleaning and are Dishwasher safe. Pre-Heat Setting Simply turns the dial to pre-heat the bacon master to the perfect temperature. Add Bacon Choose the type and amount of bacon for your meal. Place the bacon directly onto the nonstick cooking surface, draping the bacon evenly on both sides. The J-Jati Crispy Bacon Maker is perfect for any Dining Event. Perfect Bacon for a Perfect Breakfast

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